Roman-Duval Julia


jrd_profile_picJulia Roman-Duval an ESA-AURA Astronomer at STScI, and has been since 2011. She is a COS/STIS team deputy and the calibration lead. Prior to that, she was a postdoc at STScI from 2009 to 2011. Julia obtained her MS in astrophysics at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France in 2006, and her PhD at Boston University in 2009. She also received a masters in aerospace engineering in 2006 from SUPAERO, the French national school for aeronautics and space studies, where she also had obtained her BS in aerospace engineering and physics in 2004. Her research interests revolve around the structure, composition, and dynamics of the different phases of the interstellar medium in local galaxies. Her goal is to understand, from an observational point of view,  the physical processes (turbulence, photo-chemistry) that shape those phases, and how they influence the star formation process.

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