Peterson Bradley


IMG_2161Brad Peterson has carried out research on active galactic nuclei for his entire career. He has been developing the technique of reverberation mapping for over 25 years. He is currently on appointment at STScI as Distinguished Visiting Astronomer, after retiring from the faculty of The Ohio State University in 2015 with 35 years of service, the last nine as chair of the Department of Astronomy.

Brad is currently community co-chair, with Debra Fischer of Yale, of the Science and Technology Definition Team for the Large Ultraviolet, Optical, Infrared Surveyor (LUVOIR). He is also a member of the NASA Advisory Council, for which he chairs the Science Committee. He was recently named chair-elect for the Astronomy Section of the AAAS.

Brad received his PhD from the University of Arizona in 1978 after earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota.

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