Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes

Anton Koekemoer,, for the MAST team

The Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) is NASA’s data repository for astronomy missions at ultraviolet, optical, and infrared wavelengths. These include Hubble, GALEX, Kepler, XMM-OM and Swift-UVOT, future missions such as Webb, past missions (FUSE, IUE, EUVE, and others), and all-sky surveys such as VLA-FIRST, GSC and DSS.

MAST supports the scientific research carried out by the astronomical community by facilitating access to its collections, offering expert user support and software for calibration and analysis, and providing value-added scientific data products. These include high-level science products (HLSPs) such as mosaics, catalogs, and spectra delivered to MAST by science teams, as well as enhanced products accessible via the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA). As of March 2013, the total volume of MAST’s data holdings was approximately 231 terabytes (TB), with an average of 18 million searches per month and 16 TB of data downloaded per month.

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High-Level Science Products: Multi-Cycle Treasury Programs

All three Multi-Cycle Treasury (MCT) programs are in their final cycle and have recently released a variety of new, high-level science products (HLSPs), bringing the total to almost 3 TB of mosaics and other products delivered to the archive by these teams. These can be accessed from the main HLSP page and each of these three programs are summarized here:

The Cosmic Assembly Near-Infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey (CANDELS; PI: S. Faber and H. Ferguson) has recently released the final, v1.0, full-depth, combined mosaics for the GOODS-S and COSMOS fields. Along with the UKIDSS/UDS field, complete CANDELS mosaics for a total of three fields have now been fully released and delivered by the team. Observations are still ongoing for the remaining two fields, EGS and GOODS-N; the most recent deliveries of high-level science products for these fields include v0.5 drizzled mosaics for epoch 7 of GOODS-N. The CANDELS survey has yielded science results on galaxy evolution up to redshift z = 8, morphologies of galaxies at z = 2, the properties of high-redshift supernovae, and the evolution of active galaxies. The project has delivered high-level v0.5 and v1.0 mosaics and other science products for 748 orbits out of the total of 902 orbits. To date, a total of 30.8 TB of the CANDELS survey’s high-level products and mosaics have been downloaded by the community to 1030 distinct IP addresses.