The Caroline Herschel Distinguished Visitor Program

Rachel Somerville,

However long we live, life is short, so I
work. And however important man becomes,
he is nothing compared to the stars.
There are secrets, dear sister, and it is
for us to reveal them…

From “Letter from Caroline Herschel (1750–1848)”
A poem by Siv Cedering (1986)
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The Caroline Herschel Distinguished Visitor program sponsors extended visits to the Institute by distinguished scientists who are either members of underrepresented communities or recognized advocates on diversity and inclusion issues. The program was started in 2005. The goal is to enhance the diversity of our science community, and provide mentoring to junior scientists, particularly women and members of under-represented groups. Caroline Herschel visitors spend at least three to four weeks at the Institute—possibly broken into shorter, repeated visits—and participate in a variety of activities, including working on and lecturing about their own scientific research, giving public talks, meeting with junior staff members, and participating in panel discussions organized within the Institute’s mentoring program.

Under this very successful program, the Institute has enjoyed visits from a stellar array of distinguished scientists. (See the list of past Caroline Herschel visitors). In 2011, we are looking forward to visits by Annette Ferguson, Priyamvada Natarajan, and Sandra Faber.








For more information about the Caroline Herschel program, see Caroline Herschel Visitor Program.