Hubble Cycle 18 Proposal Selection


Numerous Institute and JHU personnel contributed to the Cycle 18 review process, both up front and behind the scenes. Within the Science Mission Office, Daniel Apai, Neill Reid, Rachel Somerville, and Bob Williams were responsible for selecting the panelists, assigning the proposals to panels and panelists, and providing roving oversight during the review. Brett Blacker received, organized, and distributed the proposals, oversaw the proposal database, distributed the results, and prepared the statistical summaries and figures presented here. Craig Hollinshead, John Kaylor, Greg Masci, and other members of the Information Technology Services Division were responsible for developing and implementing the web-based review system. The Instruments Division and the Hubble Mission Office were responsible for technical support, and almost 30 Institute postdocs and staff provided panel support: Elizabeth Barker, Luigi Bedin, Andrea Bellini, Tiffany Borders, Azalee Bostroem, Christine Chen, Susana Deustua, Lisa Frattare, Parviz Ghavamian, David Golimowski, Aaron Grocholski, Bethan James, Pey-Lian Lim, Kevin Lindsay, Knox Long, Jack MacConnell, Ed Nelan, Sami-Matias Niemi, Cristina Oliveira, Abhijith Rajan, Michael Regan, Tony Roman, Kailash Sahu, Tony Sohn, Galina Soutchkova, Chris Thom, Tatjana Tomovic, Michael Wolfe, and Brian York. Logistical support was a particular challenge this year because of the record number of panelists. Darlene Spencer provided the overall supervision, assisted by: Karen Petro, Ronda Washington, Karyn Keidel, Roz Baxter, Tracy Bennett, Rolanda Taylor, Flory Hill, Samantha Pryce, Laura Bucklew, Ana-Maria Valenzuela, Dixie Shipley, Cheryl Schmidt, Ran Freeman, Tania Laguerre, Robin Auer, Ciera Hall, and Loretta Willers.

Assistance on the JHU side was provided by Brian Schriver, Pam Carmen, and Norma Berry, while Greg Pabst, Jeff Nesbitt, Mike Venturella, Frankie Schultz, Alford Kizer, Bill Franz, Yvette Taft, Mike Sharp, Grover Williams, Rob Levine, Phyllis Smith, James Walston, and Chad Smith (copy center) supplied Institute facilities support. Val Schnader, Ray Beaser, Paula Sessa, Karen Debelius, Margie Cook, Joe Hann, Vickie Bowersox, Lisa Kleinwort, Terry McCormack, and Dorothy Brown in the Business Resources Center, as well as John Eisenhamer and Pam Jeffries (Office of Public Outreach) were also involved in the process. Catering was provided by Irena Stein and her staff of Café Azafran.