Jan 102014

The Winter AAS meeting at the National Harbor was a huge success, with many great plenary talks, fabulous poster sessions, and our very own press release!

The Frontier Fields Abell 2744 and its parallel field data are complete and is out in full, glorious color!  Click through for the official press release.  Click here to see video of the press conference at the AAS (Jennifer Lotz presents between 02:45 and 08:50 in the video).  You can also watch the associated, public outreach video.

Jennifer Lotz talks about the Frontier Fields with Alberto Conti and Tony Darnell.

Jennifer Lotz talks about the Frontier Fields with Alberto Conti and Tony Darnell. (courtesy of Brandon Lawton)

These Frontier Field Hangouts can be found here:

Jennifer Lotz explains the Frontier Fields at the NASA booth.

Jennifer Lotz explains the Frontier Fields at the NASA booth. (courtesy of Brandon Lawton)

Other discussions at the JWST booth can be viewed here.

The Frontier Fields had a great showing for Abell 2744 and data is already rolling in on our second cluster, MACS0416.  Check it out!

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Jan 032014

The Frontier Fields will be a highlight of next week’s AAS Meeting near Washington, D.C.  Visit the HST booth and chat with us!

Here are some of the ways you can experience the Frontier Fields data next week:

  • Monday, 8:30 am:  Bob Williams gives the Kavali Foundation Lecture on The Hubble Deep Field and its Legacy
  • Tuesday,  9am-6pm:  7 Frontier Fields posters in 254. Surveys and Large Programs
    • 254.01 – The HST Frontier Fields  – J. Lotz et al.
    • 254.02 – The HST Frontier Fields: Science Data Pipeline, Products, and First Data Release – A. Koekemoer et al.
    • 254.03 – The HST Frontier Fields: DrizzlePac Workflow  – R. Avila et al.
    • 254.04 – The HST Frontier FIelds: Gravitational Lensing Models Release  – D. Coe et al.
    • 254.05 – The Frontier Fields Supernovae Survey  – S. Rodney
    • 254.06 – First results from the HST Grism Lens-Amplified Survey from Space (GLASS) – X. Wang et al.
    • 254.07 – The Ultraviolet Frontier: Deep near-UV imaging of the Hubble Frontier Fields – B. Siana
  • Tuesday, 10am:  Spitzer Special Session  (talks) -
    • 213.03 – Pushing the Frontiers to z>10 with Spitzer Space Telescope — P. Capak
  • Tuesday , 2:15pm:  Press release
  • Wednesday,  5pm:  NASA Special Presentations, booth #224, The Frontier Fields – J. Lotz

We’d love to see you at the press release, talks, poster session and HST booth!

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Oct 232013

The Office of Public Outreach at STScI is advertising the Frontier Fields to the general public through several different mechanisms.

Hear the experts explain the Frontier Fields program during a Google Hangout tomorrow, Thursday, 24 October 2013 at 4 pm EDT.  Follow the link to participate:

Hubble Hangout – Frontier Fields

Just click the play button at 4 pm to watch.  You can also leave comments there.

You can also participate through twitter with the hashtag #FrontierFields.

And because that isn’t enough, we also now have a facebook page:


We have more ways than ever to share what we are learning about the distant universe.  Help us spread the word!

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