Jun 112016

We are pleased to announce new v0.5 HST mosaics for Epoch 2 of the cluster Abell S1063, completing the 70 orbits of observations from Epoch 2 of our Frontier Fields program (14037, PI.: J. Lotz), adding 22 orbits with WFC3/IR on the main cluster, and with ACS on the parallel field, in addition to existing public archival ACS and WFC3/IR imaging obtained in these filters from programs 12458 (PI.: M. Postman) and 13459 (PI.: T. Treu). The products released here are the most complete full-depth mosaics in these filters, where all data have been fully reprocessed using the most current calibration files, to produce the best possible quality, science-ready full-depth mosaics. For ACS, these mosaics incorporate CTE correction and bias destriping, as well as a set of mosaics that have been processed with the new selfcal approach to better correct for low-level dark current structure. The WFC3/IR mosaics have been masked for persistence and bad pixels, and in addition include a set of mosaics that have been corrected for time-variable sky emission that can occur during the orbit and can otherwise impact the up-the-ramp count-rate fitting if not properly corrected. All these mosaics are aligned to a common pixel grid as well as to an absolute astrometric frame based on pre-existing catalogs of this field. Further details are provided in the readme file, which can be obtained along with all the mosaics at the following location:

More general information about the data for this project can be obtained from our Frontier Fields MAST archive website:

as well as our main Frontier Fields HST project website:

and our Frontier Fields astronomer’s blog and other social media:

We hope that these high-level science products are useful for your research, and we welcome any suggestions or questions that you may have about them.

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