Jul 022015

We are pleased to announce the Version 1.0 release of Epoch 2 of MACSJ1149.5+2223, after the completion of all the ACS and WFC3/IR imaging on the main cluster and parallel field from our Frontier Fields program (13504, PI: J. Lotz). These mosaics complete the full depth obtained on Epoch 2 of this cluster, adding a total of 18, 10 and 42 orbits respectively with ACS F435W, F606W and F814W on the main cluster, along with a total of 24, 12, 10 and 24 orbits respectively with WFC3/IR F105W, F125W, F140W and F160W on the parallel field, thus completing the total exposure time of 70 orbits on each field for this epoch, and 140 orbits total for this cluster. In addition, we release updated WFC3/IR mosaics on the main cluster that include new archival WFC3/IR from program 13790 (PI.: S. Rodney). All the mosaics in this v1.0 release have been fully recalibrated relative to the v0.5 mosaics that we have released during this epoch in May 2015. For ACS, the v1.0 mosaics incorporate new bias and dark current reference files, along with CTE correction and bias destriping, and also include a set of mosaics that have been processed with the new selfcal approach to better account for the low-level dark current structure. The WFC3/IR v1.0 mosaics have improved masking for persistence and bad pixels, and in addition include a set of mosaics that have been corrected for time-variable sky emission that can occur during the orbit and can otherwise impact the up-the-ramp count-rate fitting if not properly corrected. Further details are provided in the readme file, which can be obtained along with all the mosaics at the following location:

More general information about the data for this project can be obtained from our Frontier Fields MAST archive website:

as well as our main Frontier Fields HST project website:

and our Frontier Fields astronomer’s blog and other social media:

We hope that these high-level science products are useful for your research, and we welcome any suggestions or questions that you may have about them.

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