Mar 042014

The Frontier Fields has released the version 1.0 data products of MACSJ0416.1-2403!  This completes the first epoch of observations for this cluster.

These v1.0 mosaics include all the ACS and WFC3/IR primary and parallel data obtained to date on this cluster from the Frontier Fields program 13496 (PI: J Lotz) and ancillary programs.  They have been fully recalibrated relative to the v0.5 mosaics that we released each week throughout the course of this epoch.

For ACS, the v1.0 mosaics incorporate new bias and dark current reference files, along with CTE correction and bias destriping. The WFC3/IR v1.0 mosaics have improved masking for persistence and bad pixels, and in addition have been corrected for time-variable sky emission that can occur during the orbit and can otherwise impact the up-the-ramp count-rate fitting if not properly corrected. We have also refined the astrometric corrections and masking for satellite trails, bad pixels and other defects. In addition, we are also releasing a “beta” reduction of ACS mosaics that have been created with a new self-calibration approach.

MACS0416 in seven filters

MACS0416 in seven filters; ACS/WFC F435W + F606W (blue), ACS/WFC F814W + WFC3/IR F105W (green), WFC3/IR F125W + F140W + F160W (red).

All of the v1.0 mosaics can be obtained from the MAST Frontier fields webpage or directly from the v1.0 webpage.

What will you discover in these recalibrated mosaics?

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