Nov 112013

We are on a roll! Specifically, we are rolling out weekly releases of the latest high-level science products for the Frontier Fields as the data is acquired.

We have the to-date, combined images of the Abell 2744 cluster for each of the WFC3/IR filters (F105W, F125W, F140W, F160W) and of the parallel field for each of the ACS filters (F435W, F606W, F814W) available for download.

For all of the images and complete information, see, where all of the latest releases are being announced, along with direct links to all the full-depth combined mosaics.

Start your code engines!

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Nov 042013

The first new HST mosaics obtained on the cluster Abell 2744 have been released!  These are from the first week observations of our first cluster and parallel field from our Frontier Fields program ID 13495 (P.I.: J. Lotz) and include additional data from other programs.   These images will be updated as we continue to collect more data on this field over the next 6 weeks.

For full details, see the readme file and images, located at

For complete information on all the Frontier Fields data, see

Check back soon… we will have releases on about a weekly timescale!

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